What is BAM

BAM is an outreach program that teaches effective leadership skills to people of all ages and backgrounds. The “B.A.M.” principle is about belief in self, achieving goals and dreams, and maximizing potentials. Exercising these principles will guarantee one’s ability to WIN in life.

BAM Objective

To help one BELIEVE in their gifts, abilities and attributes that were designed to help them discover, develop, and display their unlimited potential in the world. To coach one to ACHIEVE their goals & dreams by stepping out on faith despite discouragement, distractions, and devices used to destroy the purpose of one’s life. To encourage one to MAXIMIZE every opportunity by connecting, communicating, and collaborating with other like-minded individuals and organizations.

BAM Programs and Services

BAM provides services to meet the needs of individuals, families, communities, schools, corporations and other organizations. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Development Training
  • Mentorship & Accountability
  • Counseling
  • Motivational Workshops/Seminars
  • TeamBuilding
  • Chaplaincy Services
  • Educational Grants

To obtain information on these and other services, please contact our office at 1-888-540-2226. Specialists are available to determine the best BAM program or service to fit your needs.