Founder & CEO

Ronald L. EllisFounder/CEO Dr. Ronald L. Ellis

Dr. Ronald L. Ellis is an internationally recognized coaching expert, keynote speaker, and author. He is the Founder/CEO of B.A.M. International (Believe – Achieve – Maximize), which is a program that teaches effective leadership skills to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Moreover, Dr. Ellis has experienced entrepreneurial growth in a number of ventures including:

  • Developing and implementing mentoring programs for high school students. This program continues to aide students in realizing their greatest potential with an emphasis on character development.
  • Consulting various corporations by providing motivational inspiration.
  • Assisting organizational leaders throughout the nation develop strategic plans for their businesses and enhance their positions in their respective marketplaces.

Dr. Ellis is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Exalted Word Ministries Church, Inc. Since the age of seventeen, Dr. Ellis has embraced his evangelistic and apostolic anointing to bring the message of faith-in-God to men and women of all ages.

Dr. Ellis received his Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity in 2015 from Kingdom Life University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Concorde University and a Masters of Arts in Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University. In addition, he is a graduate of the F.B.I. Citizen Academy. Dr. Ellis is a native of Tampa, Florida, and has recently retired as a middle school educator in Hillsborough County.

He has served on the Executive Advisory Board of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Foundation and as a Director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Citizen’s Academy. Dr. Ellis also served as the Chaplain of the Armwood High School Football Team (two-time consecutive State Champions). Dr. Ellis has appeared in local media, such as the Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times, and Brandon Times presenting commentaries on how to motivate youth to succeed.

Dr. Ellis believes his purpose is to develop effective leaders in the church, community and the corporate arena. Inspired by God, he has developed the renown principles of B.A.M., whereby Dr. Ellis teaches individuals to Believe in themselves, Achieve their goals and Maximize all their potentials in life. He has taken his B.A.M. principles into schools and businesses to inspire and motivate students and employees to elevate their academic and professional careers.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Ron Ellis is married to wife Ann of forty-two years with three children and eight grandchildren; he is a life coach, author, counselor, mentor, advisor and trainer to people of all walks of life.